We want to push for a new paradigm of learning and education, because access to material has changed, and so has potential uncertainty about the future.

One of our main goals is to try and play with new methods of learning and course-creation techniques for Agile Course Creation a concept that stands on the following pillars:

Teams of 4-6 persons can create their own course/project in an area they want to learn about. In the process everyone learns from each other and learn how to cooperate towards an agreed upon goal.

Coaching and Games allow for greater flexibility, a requirement in our times of change. A rigid curriculum and standardised tests cannot adequately prepare us for jobs that are not yet invented.

It’s about using resources smartly. The resources are available, it is about how we use them. Focus on quality content, put it in the context of your goals, and pick one of our methods to apply it. Or create your own approach.

Agile Course Creation gives you the system needed for this, providing:

  • Learn deeper by creating and following a course at the same time.

  • Facilitators and Processes can give you guidance

  • Workshops to target soft-skills improve your position

  • Templates for Team / Project Charter with integrated feedback loops.

  • An array of handpicked Project / Communication Tools

  • A framework to publish your course decisions in

What project would interest you?

A project is a time-bound self-organised enterprise around a purpose shared by all members, and with a clearly defined goal in addition to learning.