At the heart of a working solespace stands a succesful governance model. We combine ideas from Art of Hosting, Holacracy, Crowdfunding, and the Lean Start-Up. Through trial-and-error we can improve how we work together, and by documenting it we and others can learn from it.

We believe that part of learning is socialisation and that social contributions can help for this. That is why we take a vow to help each other out and look for constructive solutions to tensions in the organisation.

You may compare us to a

  • University, just more flexible and personal.
  • Fraternity, with values fit for the 21st century
  • Investment Fund, for your and other’s education.
  • A company/cooperative, with a participatory structure and ownership.

We are not in the business to make a profit, instead using any excess money for scholarships, reinvestment, and growth.

As a member, your part can be one of the many standard roles for every solespace. A number of offers must be provided, for example events, cleanliness, groceries, accounting, social media, etc.