What kind of a space does learning ideally require? What are the rules for building a (financially) sustainable education hub? We aim to find out what successful spaces have in common, sharing infrastructure and processes with those who want to set-up a SOLespace themselves.

Inspired by

Coworking Spaces

Artist Residencies

Erasmus Exchange

Long-term local hosts and short-term residents

Keeping costs low by investing smartly

Constructed by and for members

Each with an individual identity

The goal of every solespace should be to become financially sustainable through membership-plans, external projects, and members’ engagement.

Everyone living in a SOLespace is a co-owner of the space and decisions are made in a participatory manner. What binds the members is a passion for learning and projects, while maintaining a social commitment to the people and the network.

The space is constantly improved through internal crowdsourcing, members can allocate part of their contribution to projects they believe in. You post ideas you have and with enough support you can implement them.

Mens sana in circuitu sano. Good coffee, fast internet, proper pots and pans, a house bicycle or vespa.

Check out offers at our pilot space in Vienna